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Welcome to my blog. I look forward to joining you on your exciting plant based vegan journey. I will be sharing recipe ideas and tips along with lifestyle health and nutrition information to assist you on your path to optimal health.

I believe in building the immune system from the inside out. We all have total control over what we choose to put into our bodies, we can choose to either prevent disease or to feed it. We must learn to boost our immune system naturally by feeding the body the nutrients it requires through the consumption of whole plant foods. Using whole plant foods to assist your body to obtain as close to perfect health as possible should always be the first line of treatment for the prevention and/or reversal of symptoms of disease.

A vegan diet when followed as a whole food plant based diet is by far the healthiest diet on the planet, and for the planet. Learn to lose weight naturally, increase your nutrient intake through the consumption of whole plant foods, and boost your immunity. Begin to speed up your metabolism as you increase energy levels, and allow me to assist you in this process through my blog, and through my new book as you begin your transition to “Live Simply Plant Based”.


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